Alexander + Roberts

Alexander+Roberts Cruise Company

Alexander+Roberts is a luxury travel company that offers a variety of travel experiences, including small ship cruises. Formerly known as General Tours, and founded in 1947, it is one of the oldest and most experienced tour companies in America. Their small ship cruises are designed to provide an immersive and personalized experience in fabulous destinations around the world.

Alexander+Roberts' small ship cruises typically feature ships with a capacity of 50 to 100 passengers, providing a more intimate and flexible experience than larger cruise ships. The company offers cruises in a variety of destinations, including small ship Galapagos and Antarctica ocean cruises, Great Lakes cruises in the US / Canada, and river cruises in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

On an Alexander+Roberts small ship cruise, travelers can expect expert guidance and personalized service. The company employs experienced guides and lecturers to provide in-depth knowledge of the destinations visited. They also offer a range of activities, both on and off the ship, from cultural performances and cooking classes to guided tours and outdoor adventures.

One of the unique aspects of Alexander+Roberts' small ship cruises is their focus on sustainability and responsible tourism. They partner with local organizations and employ sustainable practices to minimize the impact of their cruises on the environment and support local communities.

Alexander+Roberts' small ship cruises provide a unique and personalized way to explore destinations around the world. Their focus on sustainability and responsible tourism sets them apart from other luxury cruise companies, making them an attractive option for travelers who value cultural immersion and environmental stewardship

Alexander+Roberts itineraries are created based on two primary objectives - choice and value. Accommodations, guided sightseeing, some meals and transportation are included in the price of your vacation. In addition, an experienced guide leads your group, pointing out must-see sights and suggesting activities you might consider during allotted free time. Alexander+Roberts often combines a river cruise with a land tour to deliver a well-rounded experience in each destination.

  • Alexander+Roberts offers river cruises in China and Egyptl.
  • River cruises are rated according to the quality of the vessel and its accommodations, the number of included amenities and activities both on and off the ship, the class of hotels used for land portions of itineraries and the level of service delivered. Alexander+Roberts river cruises are categorized as deluxe on the industry rating scale (budget, first class and deluxe).