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Blount Small Ship Adventures was founded by Luther Blount to "go where the big ships cannot.". It is a small ship cruise company offering personalized and immersive travel experiences in North America, the Caribbean, and Central America. Here's what you need to know about Blount Small Ship Adventures' ships, destinations, itineraries, and onboard amenities and entertainment:

Ships: Blount Small Ship Adventures operates a fleet of small, intimate ships that can accommodate between 84 to 96 passengers. The ships are designed with shallow drafts, which allow them to navigate into smaller ports and waterways. The ships also feature unique features, such as a retractable pilot house, which enables them to pass under low bridges, and an innovative bow ramp, which allows guests to disembark directly onto a beach or dock.

Destinations: Blount Small Ship Adventures offers itineraries that explore some of North America's most beautiful waterways, including the Great Lakes, New England, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Canadian Maritimes. They also offer itineraries in the Caribbean and Central America, visiting destinations such as Belize, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Itineraries: Blount Small Ship Adventures' itineraries are designed to provide a personalized and immersive travel experience, with a focus on cultural and natural highlights. The itineraries often include guided tours, wildlife watching, and cultural performances, as well as ample time for relaxation and exploration.

Onboard Amenities and Entertainment: Blount Small Ship Adventures' ships feature comfortable cabins with private bathrooms, as well as a dining room, lounge, and outdoor deck space. They also offer a range of onboard amenities and entertainment, including local musicians and guest lecturers, cultural presentations, and a small library. The company provides open bar service throughout the cruise and complimentary kayaks, snorkeling gear, and bicycles for guests to use. Fresh, local cuisine is served daily. Beer and wine is free with lunch and dinner. Soft drinks, baked goods and snacks are available all day. Although alcoholic beverages are not available for purchase on board, Blount has a "BYOB" bring your own beverage policy, where guests are invited to bring their own beer, wine or liquor onboard. Mixers, barware and refrigeration are available in the lounge.

Blount Small Ship Adventures offers a unique and immersive way to explore North America's waterways, as well as the Caribbean and Central America. Their small, innovative ships provide a personalized and comfortable way to travel, and their itineraries and onboard amenities offer a diverse range of cultural and natural experiences.

  • Blount offers cruises along the rivers and waterways of the United States.
  • River cruises are rated according to the quality of the vessel and its accommodations, the number of included amenities and activities both on and off the ship, the class of hotels used for land portions of itineraries, and the level of service delivered. Blount river cruises are categorized as first class on the industry rating scale (budget, first class and deluxe).

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