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The American Queen Steamboat Company offers river cruises on some of America's most iconic rivers. They operate a fleet of classic paddlewheel steamboats, which offer a unique and nostalgic way to explore America's inland waterways. Here are the ships and destinations offered by the American Queen Steamboat Company:

American Queen: The American Queen is the company's flagship vessel, which can accommodate up to 436 passengers. It offers cruises on the Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee Rivers, as well as the Cumberland River and the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Mississippi itineraries bring Mark Twain's America to life, from the vibrant cities of St. Louis and St. Paul to the Southern charm of Natchez and St. Francisville.

American Duchess: The American Duchess is a newer, smaller vessel that can accommodate up to 166 passengers. It offers cruises on the Mississippi River and its tributaries, as well as on the Ohio River and the Tennessee River.

American Empress: The American Empress is the largest riverboat on the West Coast, accommodating up to 223 passengers. It offers cruises on the Columbia and Snake Rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Pacific Northwest sailings showcase ruggedly beautiful scenery, Native American heritage and the stories of explorers Lewis and Clark.

Destination highlights: The American Queen Steamboat Company offers cruises that visit a variety of destinations, including New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Portland, Oregon. These destinations offer a range of cultural and historical experiences, such as tours of antebellum homes, visits to museums and galleries, and live music and theater performances.

Onboard amenities: The American Queen Steamboat Company's ships offer a range of amenities, including elegant dining rooms, live entertainment venues, outdoor decks, and fitness centers. They also offer educational lectures and tours of the ships' engines and machinery.

Overall, the American Queen Steamboat Company offers a unique and nostalgic way to explore some of America's most iconic rivers and destinations. Their classic paddlewheel steamboats provide a comfortable and convenient way to experience the rich history and culture of America's heartland

Passengers travel in paddle-wheel steamboats that resemble classic riverboats of the past yet provide all the comforts of contemporary cruising. All three ships sport red paddle wheels, fluted smokestacks and lacy filigree along the decks. The atmosphere on board is casual. Meals feature regional specialties, and entertainment can range from piano sing-alongs and cabaret acts to performances of jazz, blues and country music. An onboard "Riverlorian" shares the histories and legends of the waterways.

Themed voyages explore topics as varied as the Civil War, fall foliage and America's music traditions. During port calls at riverfront cities and towns, hop-on/hop-off motorcoaches allow guests to explore at their own pace.

  • American Queen Steamboat Company offers river cruises in the United States.
  • River cruises are rated according to the quality of the vessel and its accommodations, the number of included amenities and activities both on and off the ship, the class of hotels used for land portions of itineraries, and the level of service delivered. American Queen Steamboat Company cruises are categorized as deluxe on the industry rating scale (budget, first class and deluxe).

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